Daily download limit

We are growing and keep bringing excellent service to our clients.

To meet your requirements and needs we are proud to inform you that for now on the guaranteed daily download limit for Gold members has been increased to 50 GB.After reaching 50 GB, a technical speed limit may apply.


DepositFiles relaunches loyalty program U-Points

You can get access to Gold-Account for FREE again!

  • Use Depositfiles for sending large files to your friends and you will have an opportunity to get guaranteed Gold-Account key.
  • You can use this Gold-Account key at your convenience. Activate it for your account, present it to somebody or even sell it!
  • U-Points loyalty program is available for any registered account!

DepositFiles presents a new Downloader for Gold users.

Now with the new Downloader the files downloading become much faster and more convenient.

  • No need to install the application
  • Implemented support for all Windows operating systems
  • Support of 5 streams without speed limits
  • Recovery after the break connection

Waiting for your feedback


DepositFiles Gets More User Friendly!

As time passes DepositFiles brings up new improvements of the service, therefore making it more flexible and convenient. Our latest advancements have put into practice:

  • option to enable files protection from accidental deleting or removal;
  • bug fixes in registration via social networks;
  • bug fixes in DepositStorage.

One more crucial development covers the support of several new languages. In such a way DepositFiles becomes available to more people from around the world.

Login and have a look at our updates!


We've Changed!

DepositFiles users might get familiar with beta version of our service as we speak! May we remind you that more and more features are acquired by our online storage, and new interface will assist you to use them in the most convenient way.

On top of that, in the nearest future we also expect the reinforcement of our tool kit, conceived to simplify your work with files of different formats. Separate folders for audio and video files, as well as the gallery, will appear in your DepositStorage, the release of which will be reported at once.

Currently, you may try DepositFiles new version by clicking the button in your account.

Thus, do not hesitate and log in right now!

We appreciate your opinion, please leave the feedback about Depositfiles redesign: http://dfiles.eu/tickets/


DepositFiles has a new partner!

Our company is in constant search of new reinforcement, being in opposition to content infringements. Thereupon, we are glad to share the news of a new partnership agreement with Web Shield Limited, a leader in due diligence, risk checks and monitoring of web-sites' content and its "environment", including screening a client's website for text changes, the IP address for the addition of new URLs and the online reputation of a client and his websites.


In course of our cooperation, DepositFiles is enabled to use CFD Service (Compromised File Detection Service) solution, which covers regulations for:

  • Child abuse content;
  • Brand damaging adult content, such as rape or violence;
  • Bestiality content;
  • IP violating content.

Thus, from now on we are intended to keep an eye on illegal and offensive materials, in particular, by taking a stand against content violations. To learn more about Web Shield Limited and company's contribution check out its page on DepositFiles.


Sharing photos with friends has become much easier!

Now you can simply provide your friends your photo report with a new Depositfiles service. DepositGallery provided all DepositStorage users with new features for working with photos. Create and edit your photo albums and share photos with your friends easily and conveniently.

New Depositfiles Features

Depositfiles continues to develop and improve the service for its users. Now you can view all archived files without downloading.
This feature is provided for all GOLD users, as well as for all users if the archived file is stored in DepositStorage.

5 times more Storage space for free in 2014!

Now DepositFiles provides you 25GB space in your Storage for free. Enjoy your own cloud service 5 times more in the New Year!

Remind you about the possibility of safekeeping and secure storage of your files, transfer your data easily, keep the files for the unlimited time and access your data where ever you are!

Login your account and enjoy it!

Click here to discover more about DepositStorage.


Content Preview

Depositfiles provides a new opportunity for all Users, a preview service of photo-, video-content. Such function will allow our Users to preview the specific content on the link, before downloading it.

Please note! The preview of archive files is not available.


DepositDrive for DepositStorage.
Cloud service DepositStorage presents the new application DepositDrive!

  • Manage your personal files on DepositStorage cloud server through the local folder on your computer;
  • Automatic synchronization of files and folders with cloud storage of DepositStorage;
  • One-click access to the necessary files on DepositStorage cloud storage;
  • Uploading of files to the DepositStorage cloud server;
  • Safe and easy to use.

To read about and free download of application DepositDrive is here.


Use your JCB card to purchase our services

Now the owners of JCB cards can pay for GOLD service and for DepositStorage on DepostFiles.com.


DepositFiles engages cooperation with Audible Magic

DepositFiles is pleased to announce of a new development in its opposition to copyright infringement. An agreement with Audible Magic has been concluded, enabling DepositFiles to utilize the full potential of Audible Magic's proprietary audio content fingerprinting technology.


Audible Magic is industry's leading provider of content identification, verification and digital restrictions management of digital assets protection in all forms, including the radio and TV broadcasts, Internet and satellite transmission, stored and transferred digital files.

Audible Magic provides technology for automatic identification of audio material using digital fingerprinting. The identification of audio content is based on the perceptual characteristics of the audio itself which allows it to accurately identify content across file formats, codecs, bitrates, and compression techniques.

At the moment Global Rights Registry Database is constantly updates and covers more than 8 million audio-files.

Feel free to find our more of our new counter-infringement ally at their official web-site: http://audiblemagic.com


DepositFiles presents a new FileManager.

DepositFiles FileManager allows you to use the main features of the service more convenient:

  • Managing files and folders
  • Download files with maximum speed
  • Multiple file upload on DepositFiles

All registered users can use the DepositFiles FileManager


Depositfiles is presenting the new service!

By the request of our users DepositFiles create a new service called DepositStorage.

DepositStorage offers you:

  • Safe and secure storage of your data
  • Easy ways to transfer files you need to your colleagues and friends
  • 5 GB of free disk space!
  • Storage time of your files is controlled only by you
  • Availability of Files for you, where ever you are

Just try it and see for yourself by clicking on the link https://depositfiles.com/status_storage.html


10 Gb Files are possible with Depositfiles!

Now our service supports 10GB file size limit!

Our users can upload and download files up to 10GB without any charges! DepositFiles continues to be one of the most popular resources with the ability to upload big files online.


DepositFiles.com and smartphone - it's available!

Just check it! Enter your favorite resource through your smartphone in future. We try to get closer to you. Now our website functions are available in your smartphone. It's simple, easy and always at hand! Try and make sure! If you have any suggestions or comments concerning a new mobile version, please feel free to contact support@depositfiles.com.


Depositfiles' Partnership with Vobile® / Vobile vCloud9™

DepositFiles is pleased to announce of a new reinforcement in constant opposing copyright infringements. An agreement is made with Vobile Inc, a worldwide leader of content filtering solutions, enabling us to use industry leading Vobile vCloud9™ solution and vast proprietary multimedia database as a great addition to our present filters, aiding detection and removal most of known infringing content before it even appears online.


About Vobile:

  • Vobile Inc is the leading provider of content identification and management products and services for all stakeholders in the digital content value chain. Vobile's solutions lead the market across all platforms including mobile;
  • Proprietary technologies enable fully automated identification, tracking and management of any video and audio content with high accuracy and scalability to help ensure copyright compliance and reduce the operational costs associated with preventing unauthorized distribution of copyrighted content;
  • The company's customers include content owners, user generated content sites, cyberlockers, ISPs, advertising networks, trade organizations, and analytics companies worldwide.

Feel free to visit http://www.vobileinc.com for more information.


GOLD day

Every day with depositfiles.com could be with Gold status. The Promotion "GOLD DAY" offers to use an advantage of GOLD status absolutely FREE.


All you need to do is to be a registered user on depositfiles.com. Don't miss your chance to get GOLD status FREE!

Look for your GOLD status on the downloading files pages.

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Files Search in The Profile.

Our resource offers you to try using a new function - possibility to find a file by name in your profile folder.


Upload files faster and more convenient.

Dear Customers, for your convenience a new FTP server has been launched in the USA.
Now you will upload files faster and more convenient. The list of available FTP servers and terms of use are available under this link.


Depositfiles.com presents new Flash-uploader!

Now to upload files to Depositfiles.com you do not have to enter your account! Just place new Flash-uploader on your site or blog and all uploaded files will get to your Account!


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